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The Smile Prescription
Can Change Your Life

Get your copy of Dr. Rich’s latest breakthrough book on your devices as he talks about how you can live a more rewarding life with a consistent daily dose of smiles. He shares a “prescription” or formula for integrating more smiling into your life and the lives of you and those you care about most. This allows you to live a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life, while reducing or even eliminating anger, fear, and other negative emotions people deal with on a daily basis.

Simple to understand and easy to put into action, The Smile Prescription is fun, inspiring and addicting.

You soon will be able to listen to the audiobook on the go or during your workout session, all the while resisting the temptation to click your feet in the air from an overflowing amount of happiness. Imagine that. (Caution: Listeners will be susceptible to smiling to themselves in public). The Smile Prescription is now available as an E-Book!

Why Choose The Smile Prescription

The Smile Prescription has rejuvenated the lives of countless individuals and inspired them to lead a more meaningful and happy life with a renewed appreciation for their friends and family. Like Denis Waitley said, “A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside”.
Just look at all the testimonials below!

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Dr. Frank Bono
Cofounder of Gulfcoast Spine Institute and the BioSpine Institute

Dr. Rich will change your thinking about how and why we smile. His insight is brilliant and his thought experiments are elegant. He sees the topic only as a physician and scientist could. Who knew you can measure the intelligence of a smile? You will absolutely learn valuable strategies to use at home and in the office, and you need to share this with those you care about most. I have seen results with my team, my patients, and most importantly with my family. My sincere thanks to Dr. Rich for helping me to create more happiness in my life and in my business. There is no doubt in my mind that you will love this book!

Jonathan Gorab
Director at PwC

Traditional wisdom focuses too much on mind over body. The Smile Prescription takes a scientific, but playful and personal, counterpoint to explore body over the mind through the power of smile. Throughout the pages of The Smile Prescription Dr. Rich makes it easy to see how smiles transform yourself and those around you. The Smile Prescription inspires readers to understand the messages and emotions generated through smiling, as well as how to incorporate this act into your daily routine. I’m confident that by embracing Dr. Rich’s insight and your own smile, you will see benefits in your personal and professional relationships immediately.

Andrew Grinstead
CEO of Leavell Investment Management

I’ve known Dr. Rich his entire medical career, so I was not surprised to discover he was writing this book because he practices what he preaches. The Smile Prescription teaches you the positive outlook on life he has shared with me and many others over the years. In the financial services industry in which I work, our business is built on forming meaningful relationships with other people. What better way to engage with another human being than to be present with them and offer them a smile? If you too work in a client service industry, you need to read this book and challenge yourself with The Smile Prescription!

Emile Allen, MD
Behavioral Modification Expert

With clients and business contacts across the country and internationally, it is critical that I do everything I can to build strong relationships. These invaluable lessons in The Smile Prescription are based in scientific research, proven medical wisdom, and the latest strategies for high performance. Dr. Rich translates complex medical knowledge so that it is teachable and applicable to anyone at any level. These key concepts and communication skills foster team-building, customer service, and personal development. Now everyone has access to these simple and effective tools that absolutely work. Dr. Rich is masterfully introducing a new era in personal health and happiness with a smile movement that will certainly make an impact in our world. You can not afford to miss what The Smile Prescription is teaching!

David Massaro, MD

For physicians and health-care administrators, it is more important than ever that we use the power of smiling to care for our patients, communicate with our teams, and guide doctors through the challenges that lay ahead. Today’s leaders in public health, both nationally and internationally, all understand how smiling impacts our patients and our teams. Redesigning America’s health care system we invoke the proverb ‘Physician, heal thyself,’ and one of the best healing medicines we have is our smile.

Al Davis

In a world starved for positive emotions, it is remarkable to see how we can move ourselves by remembering to smile, whether it’s when we are alone, or with others. The Smile Prescription is needed in today’s world, when the tides of sadness and despair can seem almost overwhelming. It is a powerful reminder that we can always do something. Perhaps none of us individually can or will change the world, but we can change OUR world, and that is what smiling will do for each of us.

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